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      give Back to those serving in Your community

      It's simple-help give a tangible reminder of your support and appreciation to your local heroes.  

      When you buy SRVS Gear in your local retailer (see our retail partners below) we send giveback/thank you packages of hats and tees out to first responders in your area and deployed units from your area. 

      When you wear your gear it's a visible sign that someone cares, when they wear theirs they remember they are seen and that what they do matters to those around them.  

      Recent Giveback Recipients

      How It Works

      Buy Product in Your Local Retailer

      Doesn't matter the design or style, all SRVS Gear bought in your local retailer contributes to the Giveback Program. 

      We Coordinate With Police And Fire Departments Near our Retailers.

      We message and call-the reaction to us wanting to send them a sincere thank you from those in their community is always shock and appreciation. 

      We Pack Our Top Selling Items 

      Proven customer favorites are shipped in each box along with a letter, sign, and thank you stickers to a local department near you. 

      They Get a Boost

      This reminder makes their shift go better and lasts long after.  It is a tangible reminder that people in their community have their back! 

       Retail Partners

      Want to be More Involved? 

      Nominate a Department or Deployed Unit!

      We'd love your help coordinating a package! 

        Please send us an email to admin@srvsgear.com 

      or text us (801) 310-7400.

      SRVS Gear

      Address: PO Box 273 Salem, UT 84653
       Email: admin@srvsgear.com

      Text: (801) 310-7400