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      Our Mission

      We're so glad you are here to join us giving back to those who serve!!

      SRVS stands for Support and Respect for Veteran's and Servicemembers.  

      We started SRVS because there wasn't a great way to show support and even less options to actually give back!  We have family in the military and friends who are first responders.  

      - We saw veterans and first responders struggling with PTSD and systems failing them.

      - We saw a need for more unity in our country and wanted to change that. We wanted something we could wear to show our support that wasn't overly aggressive OR super cheesy - you know the types.  

      - We wanted a way for people to actually be involved...not just donate money and wonder if it actually did anything.  

      This is why EVERY TIME you buy a SRVS shirt, you get our giveback shirt FREE to go deliver to a veteran or first responder!!

      Seriously, Let them know you appreciate them!  This simple gesture has more power than you can imagine - it will change you and increase your respect and gratitude. It will also change your recipient because every time they wear that shirt they remember you care...they aren't alone...they are appreciated.  These giveback shirts have kept a marine from committing suicide, have been worn under the ballistics vest of officers on the street, and have been tearfully received by many veterans who lost comrades and wear it in honor of them.  

      These are our SRVS stories...what will yours be? We look forward to hearing about who you choose to honor and deliver a giveback shirt!

      Live Loyal,

      Ryan and Amanda