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      SRVS (pronounced service) stands for Support and Respect for Veteran's and Servicemembers.  

      SRVS is the best gear, best mission, and best way for you to make a difference for those who serve.  

      YOU get to personally give back to someone you know who serves - a family member, friend, neighbor, or service member in your community.  

       WHY did we start SRVS?

      Six years ago Ryan’s younger brother was deploying with the Air Force and as a proud older brother he wanted a way to show support!! He realized all the families impacted by these deployments and that worry if a soldier didn’t come home! He'd realized at the bootcamp graduation there were shirts that said "Air Force" or "Air Force Dad"...but nothing that would actually fit what he wanted so he started thinking.  He wanted a way that anyone could show their support! 

      Amanda grew up in a military family and from a young age saw the sacrifices made by those serving.  That desire to show support and give back to our military was engrained during the first deployment send off ceremony.  Right during the beginning time of starting SRVS a good friend was involved with an officer involved shooting that really opened her eyes to the backlash aimed at officers and their families. There were death threats for him and his family after he was forced to act on his training while protecting a family in a domestic violence situation.  This officer went through a lot because of this and the lack of support being shown (even though there are a lot of supporters) let us know that even though it may not be "cool" to support first responders we wanted to create a visual symbol so without saying anything that support is shown.  

      We also knew we wanted a way to give back to those serving...and we wanted to do more than a "percentage of proceeds" that other companies were doing because it always seemed so muddy and questionable.  How much is ACTUALLY donated? Where does that money go? Is it making a long term difference?  

      - We saw veterans and first responders struggling with PTSD and systems failing them. We saw them feeling alone and isolated-forgotten by those they sacrificed for.

      - We saw a need for more unity in our country and a gap between our service members and citizens. 

      - We wanted a way for people to actually be involved...not just donate money and wonder if it actually did anything.  

      So we came up with our unique GIVEBACK PROGRAM.  No one else does this because it is definitely not the most "cost effective" or the "easiest" from business side and it really isn't super shareable (giving the company lots of attention) because it is so personal and so powerful.   Our revolutionary giveback program lets YOU be the giver.  

      When YOU BUY a SRVS shirt, you GET ONE of our giveback shirts FREE to go deliver to a veteran or first responder.  

      It is so simple, but the power in this "giveback" is something that changes lives.  

      It gives strength to keep fighting their demons.

      It lets them head out for another shift knowing they aren't alone.

      It tells them they are appreciated, they are seen, and that YOU have their back whether they are current or retired.  

      These giveback shirts are only for military and first responders (law enforcement, firefighters, and EMTs) so they stay exclusive, but YOU can wear any of the other shirts.  IF you would prefer, we are thrilled to deliver your giveback shirt 

      We have seen war hardened older men break down in tears when they receive a shirt.  

      We have seen these giveback shirts worn under ballistics vests by officers who need that reminder with them.  

      We have seen firefighters who lost a brother cling to this reminder that the sacrifice is seen.

      We have seen young marines contemplating suicide receive the strength to keep fighting!

      This is what makes it worth it. They are what makes it worth it.  SRVS is different than all the other companies out there because we want to empower YOU to be the hero for your hero.  

      Live Loyal,

      Ryan and Amanda