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      Founders, SRVS

      Six years ago Ryan’s younger brother was deploying with the Air Force and as a proud older brother he wanted a way to show support!! He'd realized at the bootcamp graduation there were shirts that said "Air Force" or "Air Force Dad"...but nothing that would actually fit what he wanted so he started thinking. Amanda grew up in a military family and had a friend in an officer involved shooting so she wanted SRVS to represent ALL who serve and be a visual symbol everyone could see.  They wanted a way everyone could show support AND give back!!


      SRVS (pronounced service) stands for Support and Respect for Veteran's and Servicemembers.  

      SRVS is the best gear, best mission, and best way for you to make a difference for those who serve.  

      YOU get to personally give back to someone you know who serves - a family member, friend, neighbor, or service member in your community.  

      Our Mission


      It is so simple, but the power in this "giveback" is something that changes lives.  

      It gives strength to keep fighting their demons.

      It lets them head out for another shift knowing they aren't alone.

      It tells them they are appreciated, they are seen, and that YOU have their back whether they are current or retired.  


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      Thank you!