4 police officers shot and 2 KILLED over the weekend!

4 police officers shot and 2 KILLED over the weekend!

Mar 30 , 2020


Early Friday morning, veteran officer Sgt. Ben Jenkins stopped to help who he thought was a stranded motorist.  That man opened fire on Sgt Jenkins killing him, then he took his uniform and his patrol car leading officers on a manhunt that lasted  a few hours before he was arrested.  Sgt Jenkins thought he was stopping to HELP a stranded motorist in a remote area of Northeast Nevada.  He thought it was someone who's car was broken down, not someone waiting to ambush him.  Our officers never know who or what is waiting for them on a call - even something as "innocent" as this call started out.  

Sgt Jenkins was a hero. He really had given decades of his life to public service including in the National Guard and Air National Guard.  He also was a former state fire marshal training officer, a crew supervisor for the state Division of Forestry, an assistant volunteer fire chief in Spring Creek and had served with Nevada Highway Patrol starting in 2008.  He became a sergeant in Elko in 2017.  

Not surprisingly he was given the Gold Medal of Valor in 2011 - an award given by the Nevada Department of Public Safety to officers who perform extraordinary acts of heroism.  

This hero gave his life. His wife, 4 kids, 5 grandkids, and mother will grieve his death for the rest of their lives.  This is the sacrifice thousands of officers and families are willing to make...for US! They put on the uniform and head out on patrol to watch over our cities and our counties.  

Last night 3 officers responded to a domestic violence call in North Phoenix and tragically when they entered the home they were fired upon and Cmdr Greg Carnicle was killed. The 2 other officers will recover, but this whole thing is just awful! He leaves behind his wife and 4 kids as well.  He was only a few months away from retirement and had been police officer for 31 years!!  This has to stop. It makes us so mad every time a police officer is killed because they are more than a uniform - they are a person with a life, a family, and so much value!!

We need to create more respect for our police officers in our society!!  This is why we will do whatever we can do to honor them.  We need to let them know that they are seen, that they are appreciated, that their sacrifices do not go unnoticed.  Wear your support so their families can see that you are a supporter without you even saying a word.  

To all the officers and their families - thank you is never enough, but we hope you know how deeply we appreciate you!!!

Live Loyal,

Ryan & Amanda