Firefighter Suspended Without Pay after Rescuing 95 year old Woman

Mar 23 , 2020


This story is really something...last summer a firefighter Cpt Daniel Dwyer responded to a house fire where he was told a 95 year old woman.  He was ready to enter the house before his crew got to the house so he went in, found the woman unconscious, and brought her out of the fire...before his crew was ready with their gear and tools.

He is quite the hero and should be thanked for his bravery, but the response was the opposite.  He was reprimanded for entering the structure without his crew...for freelancing, lack of accountability, and not maintaining crew integrity.  BUT when firefighters take their oath they promise to put others before themselves and follow regulations of their department.  

What are you supposed to do when those are in conflict? When you know there is an elderly lady trapped in a burning building and if you wait until your crew is ready you are losing precious time?  We are grateful for firefighters like Capt Dwyer who put their personal safety and wellbeing aside to help and rescue others.  We hope you'll join us in recognizing their efforts and sacrifices.  

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