3 Navy Sailors Killed stopping Gunman

Dec 09 , 2019


Friday morning became a tragedy as a gunman (a foreign student from Saudi Arabia) at Pensacola NAS opened fire.  3 Navy Sailors were killed when they ran toward the gunman instead of running away.  They sacrificed their lives to stop him from hurting more people...the definition of a hero.  We want to make sure their memory and sacrifice live on-who were they?

Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson

Ensign Watson grew up in Alabama and after getting hurt playing football decided to join the rifle team.  He attended the US Naval Academy and was a 4 year member of the rifle team...he graduated last Spring and was excited to start flight training at Pensacola and become a pilot.  His brother Adam shared "My youngest brother gave his life for his country in a senseless shooting. We are beyond proud, but there is a (hole) in our hearts that can never be filled"

Airman Mohammed Sameh Haitham wanted to join the navy even though he excelled at basketball and running...his father thought he'd even play professionally.  He was only 19 years old and was an exceptional kid.  He will be missed by many!  

Airman Apprentice Cameron Scott Walters had only been at Pensacola NAS for 12 days! He enlisted in September and reported for duty as a student November 24.  He grew up in a small town south of Savannah Georgia and the city's Facebook page posted "We ask our community to come together for Cameron's family, to mourn and remember him, and to pay tribute to his sacrifice. We will forever be grateful for his courage and heroism"

These sailors were on American soil! Their families likely thought they were totally safe...in a classroom setting.  They weren't on a deployment, they were training -  but when the threat came they ran towards it instead of away.  Their families and communities will forever miss them! We are grateful for their sacrifices and grateful for the willingness and mindset of so many who serve...who do anything they can to save those around them!