SWAT Officer Killed leading his operators

Mar 19 , 2020


"He died leading his operators...He is and always will be a hero...He was a straightforward and honest. A man who loved his unit and resolved countless volatile situations without incident."

What a huge loss Philadelphia suffered as well as his family and friends. Cpl James O Connor was serving a warrant for a murder and before they had even opened the door shots were fired from inside the home and he was struck just above his vest. Officers returned fire and were able to take all 6 men in the apartment into custody, but tragically Cpl O Connor died at the hospital from his injuries.

He is someone I would have really liked to meet and he reminds me of several neighbors and people I care so much about...just like his family and friends cared about him. His neighbors said he was very, very kind - always looking out for everyone, his friendliness and how he jumped in to help whenever he could - even with their above ground pool. His friend said he was a man who was always organizing barbecues and banquets to honor people, he remembered birthdays, and would always tell you how much he loved his family.  

He'd been married to his wife for 25 years and people talked about how much he loved her and would do anything for her and their 2 kids. His whole family were police officers...His father was a Philadelphia police officer for 40 years, his son and daughter in law are both Philly police officers and his daughter is a police officer in the Air Force. What a legacy of service they are creating. Cpl O Connor had been with the Philadelphia PD for 23 years since his early twenties and had been with SWAT for 15 years.

As much as we really hate sharing these stories these are incredible people who have sacrificed more than we ever will for all of us and we will do whatever we can to honor them, their families, and especially their service!! As Philadelphia's 'top cop' said after Cpl O Connor was killed "These are people that leave their families, their loved ones, during holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, to protect complete strangers and to do work that’s a calling. These people are led to serve."

They do this for US...and there is nothing we can really do to re-pay them for their service and sacrifices. What we CAN do is show our support and let them know they are appreciated. Look around you - what families do you know who are like the O Connors? Who have this legacy of public service in military? Police? Fire? or a combination? Go give back to them. Take a giveback shirt and let them know you see them and were thinking about them-it'll mean more than you know and will stay with them long after you leave.

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Live Loyal,

Ryan & Amanda