New Year...750 more soldiers Deployed

Jan 01 , 2020


Just this morning 750 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division deployed to Iraq while thousands more are on alert ready to deploy over the next few days.  

We are all celebrating and they are headed to an area that has just been attacked, an area that is dangerous and unstable.  I can't imagine the thoughts that go through your mind.  They are trained and capable, but there is still uncertainty when you are headed somewhere with protests and unrest.  

Earlier this year we were able to deliver giveback shirts to soldiers who were deploying and watching them leave their families is something that will stay with us forever. So many families are going the emotions of missing their soldier and obviously worry as well.  Their sacrifices do not go unnoticed.  We are so grateful for all of you who are starting this year waiting for your soldier to come home.  We are so grateful for those who stand at the ready to defend against anyone who threatens or harms our country.  

This gratitude is why we do what we do.  It is the motivation behind every design, behind every giveback shirt sent out, behind everything we do.  We hope these soldiers and their families as well as all the soldiers around the world know they are appreciated.  We hope that when you wear SRVS gear or when you see it, you recognize it for the symbol of support that it is.   

Live Loyal-

Ryan and Amanda