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      Police Officer Saves Suicidal Veteran!!

      Quite an amazing rescue that can lead to a total life change for this veteran. So grateful THIS police officer responded to the call and had the experience in his own life to relate to the struggle this veteran was going through.  As a retired paratrooper he understood the demons this veteran faces...and will be able to give him the support he needs.  There are dozens of veterans and first responders in this situation every single day...but most of them don't have this positive outcome. 

      Now it's your turn...who in your life could use a visit? Who could use some words of encouragement? What police officer, firefighter, EMT, or veteran needs a reminder that they are seen? Give them a tangible symbol they can hold on to.  WE get that SRVS is different...we are asking you to actually TAKE ACTION!!

      This shirt gives you the reason to go...and it matters to them! We see giveback shirts from years ago that are worn and worn and worn because it made a difference and still makes a difference!!!

      BUY a shirt for you so every day you wear it you remember there are people serving.  

      GO DELIVER your giveback shirt - it will take some effort, but it is absolutely worth it...they are worth it!!! 

      Roof collapses trapping firefighters!!

      Roof collapses trapping firefighters!!

      Firefighters were fighting a fully involved house fire in the middle of the night working hard to control the flames. As they were leaving the garage-pulling the ceiling down to smother flames- part of the roof collapsed hitting and trapping 3 Springville firefighters inside. Once crew member was trapped under the debris and the others were stuck because the back door was blocked by snow. A mayday was sent out and firefighters and Sheriff’s deputies on scene were able to get the firefighters out by breaking windows, kicking in the door and entering the burning building. 2 firefighters and 2 Springville police officers were taken to the hospital-1 life lighted, 2 in an ambulance, and 1 took himself, but they all will recover. 


      Such an amazing story of self-sacrifice and perseverance from all of those involved-the firefighters weren’t putting a fire out at one of their homes, but that of a total stranger. Once it went sideways their comrades did whatever necessary to get them out even if it meant smoke inhalation or injury to themselves. We are beyond grateful for all those serving! We are grateful for the officers and firefighters who rescued the trapped firefighters before the injuries were worse or became casualties. 

      We hope you will join us in a big THANK YOU to all the firefighters, police officers and families of those!! Let those serving around you know you support them and appreciate them!!

      CHP Trooper Gordon is going home!!

      Over 4 months in the hospital after being hit by a drunk driver while directing traffic...but now he is heading home!! Trooper Gordon had multiple broken bones including compound fractures in his arms and legs, multiple pelvic fractures, a broken jaw, broken shoulder blade, and his spleen had to be removed because of internal bleeding.  

      Absolutely incredible..a normal call turned into a nightmare and now he is walking back out of the hospital! We are so grateful for him and his family - they have made huge sacrifices as a result of his decision to serve and protect his community! 

      His experience is such an important reminder of the power of showing your support.  We see them wearing their blue line gear and once again know how powerful our blue line tee is because not only do YOU get to wear your support you then get to go tell someone thank you and give them a giveback shirt they can wear as a reminder.  We hope the officer in your life doesn't go through something life Trooper Gordon, but every officer will have their struggles.  It may be physical injury as a result of the job or it may be mental fatigue they carry with them from calls they responded too.  Regardless - your support and appreciation goes a long way in helping them heal and have the strength to keep going.  

      It is "easy" to show support when it is a physical need, but sadly we typically don't see the wounds our officers are fighting.  That is why us reaching out letting them know we see them is absolutely important!!! Now more than ever take the opportunity and make that connection.  It is not about the shirt, it is about so much more - the giveback shirt just makes a great "excuse" but it is about everything the shirt symbolizes.  Trooper Gordon's family appreciated the support ...I am sure there is a "Trooper Gordon" in your life that needs to know you have their back as well. We have witnessed the impact more times than we can count - we hope you'll join us!

      Live Loyal,

      Ryan and Amanda

      How do you possibly prepare?

      In the last few weeks we have lost several great police officers...and they all started with either someone who was pulled over or an attempt to pull someone over.  

      Police Officer Katherine Mary Thyne 

      this is such an awful story to share because she and her partner were working in Newport News VA doing a drug investigation.  When she approached a car, that driver sped off DRAGGING her for a block before they struck a tree.  Officer Thyne was pinned between the car and the tree.  She was taken to the hospital but she died from her injuries.  She leaves behind her fiancé, 2 year old daughter, mother, 3 brothers, and grandparents.  

      All she did was approach a car....and she was killed because of their choices.  

      Police Officer Alan McCollum

      He and 2 other officers were conducting a traffic stop when he and one other officer were struck by a drunk driver.  His injuries were fatal, but the other officer had non-life threatening injuries.  He was a decorated US Army veteran with a Bronze Star and had been a police officer for 7 years...and now his wife and 3 kids.  All because someone chose to drink and drive and they were on the side of the road at a traffic stop.  

      Police Officer Nick O'Rear

      A fellow officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the driver took off so there was a pursuit.  Officer O'Rear responded to assist in the pursuit and the driver shot him.  He crashed his vehicle and died a few hours later at the hospital.  He has a wife and 2 kids with a 3rd child on the way, but because he chose to assist in a police pursuit and someone decided instead of facing their consequences they would take a life. 

      Trooper Joseph Bullock

      ALL he did "wrong" was approach what he thought was a disabled vehicle but one of the occupants shot and killed him!!!

      I can't believe this war on our police officers and they really can't "fight" back.  Most of our officers are still out on patrol looking for the good in their communities and doing whatever they can to make a difference.  It is so so clear to us that we HAVE to provide a visible symbol of support and wear it proudly! They need to see that along with all the horrible things they encounter there are people who appreciate them.  We can't just say I "back the blue" or I stand with the "thin blue line" because saying that is not enough...there are officers literally giving their lives for their communities.  We need action.  For us that is delivering a giveback shirt so when they are feeling unappreciated and unseen, they have a tangible reminder that someone (YOU) care!!  For those of you out there serving...please send us a message and let us know how you deal with this!!!

      We hope you will join us to make a difference!

      Live Loyal,

      Ryan and Amanda

      Patrick Mahomes-not just a Super Bowl Champ

      Patrick Mahomes-not just a Super Bowl Champ

      This story about Patrick Mahomes had us rooting for him - it’s always impressive when people choose to make a difference for those serving. Patrick works with a local Kansas City organization Veteran’s Community Project to build tiny homes for homeless veterans.  

      So many people say they support those who serve or donate money, but how many people actually DO something?? How many people “get off their butt” and take action to make a difference? I think this story resonated with us so deeply because we get so sick of people saying they care, but when it comes down to it they don’t.  There are veterans who need our help whether that is a home or simply knowing you care. We see people wearing these giveback shirts ALL the time and we know they make an impact. We know that when they receive a giveback shirt it means something-it means that someone notices them, that someone took a minute to come say thanks, it means they have a tangible token of their appreciation.  Delivering these giveback shirts have been a real impactful experience for us - have you done it yet? If not what is holding you back? We’d love to hear your experience of giving back or your thoughts on what would make it easier to deliver? We want to make it as easy as possible for you to take action and honor a hero in your life! 

      Live Loyal, 

      Ryan & Amanda