CHP Trooper Gordon is going home!!

Feb 25 , 2020


Over 4 months in the hospital after being hit by a drunk driver while directing traffic...but now he is heading home!! Trooper Gordon had multiple broken bones including compound fractures in his arms and legs, multiple pelvic fractures, a broken jaw, broken shoulder blade, and his spleen had to be removed because of internal bleeding.  

Absolutely incredible..a normal call turned into a nightmare and now he is walking back out of the hospital! We are so grateful for him and his family - they have made huge sacrifices as a result of his decision to serve and protect his community! 

His experience is such an important reminder of the power of showing your support.  We see them wearing their blue line gear and once again know how powerful our blue line tee is because not only do YOU get to wear your support you then get to go tell someone thank you and give them a giveback shirt they can wear as a reminder.  We hope the officer in your life doesn't go through something life Trooper Gordon, but every officer will have their struggles.  It may be physical injury as a result of the job or it may be mental fatigue they carry with them from calls they responded too.  Regardless - your support and appreciation goes a long way in helping them heal and have the strength to keep going.  

It is "easy" to show support when it is a physical need, but sadly we typically don't see the wounds our officers are fighting.  That is why us reaching out letting them know we see them is absolutely important!!! Now more than ever take the opportunity and make that connection.  It is not about the shirt, it is about so much more - the giveback shirt just makes a great "excuse" but it is about everything the shirt symbolizes.  Trooper Gordon's family appreciated the support ...I am sure there is a "Trooper Gordon" in your life that needs to know you have their back as well. We have witnessed the impact more times than we can count - we hope you'll join us!

Live Loyal,

Ryan and Amanda