Roof collapses trapping firefighters!!

Roof collapses trapping firefighters!!

Mar 03 , 2020


Firefighters were fighting a fully involved house fire in the middle of the night working hard to control the flames. As they were leaving the garage-pulling the ceiling down to smother flames- part of the roof collapsed hitting and trapping 3 Springville firefighters inside. Once crew member was trapped under the debris and the others were stuck because the back door was blocked by snow. A mayday was sent out and firefighters and Sheriff’s deputies on scene were able to get the firefighters out by breaking windows, kicking in the door and entering the burning building. 2 firefighters and 2 Springville police officers were taken to the hospital-1 life lighted, 2 in an ambulance, and 1 took himself, but they all will recover. 


Such an amazing story of self-sacrifice and perseverance from all of those involved-the firefighters weren’t putting a fire out at one of their homes, but that of a total stranger. Once it went sideways their comrades did whatever necessary to get them out even if it meant smoke inhalation or injury to themselves. We are beyond grateful for all those serving! We are grateful for the officers and firefighters who rescued the trapped firefighters before the injuries were worse or became casualties. 

We hope you will join us in a big THANK YOU to all the firefighters, police officers and families of those!! Let those serving around you know you support them and appreciate them!!