Patrick Mahomes-not just a Super Bowl Champ

Patrick Mahomes-not just a Super Bowl Champ

Feb 04 , 2020


This story about Patrick Mahomes had us rooting for him - it’s always impressive when people choose to make a difference for those serving. Patrick works with a local Kansas City organization Veteran’s Community Project to build tiny homes for homeless veterans.  

So many people say they support those who serve or donate money, but how many people actually DO something?? How many people “get off their butt” and take action to make a difference? I think this story resonated with us so deeply because we get so sick of people saying they care, but when it comes down to it they don’t.  There are veterans who need our help whether that is a home or simply knowing you care. We see people wearing these giveback shirts ALL the time and we know they make an impact. We know that when they receive a giveback shirt it means something-it means that someone notices them, that someone took a minute to come say thanks, it means they have a tangible token of their appreciation.  Delivering these giveback shirts have been a real impactful experience for us - have you done it yet? If not what is holding you back? We’d love to hear your experience of giving back or your thoughts on what would make it easier to deliver? We want to make it as easy as possible for you to take action and honor a hero in your life! 

Live Loyal, 

Ryan & Amanda