Police Officer and Firefighter killed helping with a traffic accident.

Jan 17 , 2020


Last weekend in Lubbock Texas there was a snowstorm...like we have here in Utah today. And just like there are countless officers and firefighters would will be spending the day out in the cold and in the snow assisting drivers with slide offs and serious car accidents police and fire/EMTs responded to a single vehicle rollover crash Saturday morning. Tragically while they were at the scene of that crash another vehicle towing a trailer came across the median and rolled only 25 yards from the first crash.  As they were working on that second crash yet a third car came across the median and crashed into them Officer Reyna and firefighters Hill and Dawson.  Officer Nicholas Reyna died at the scene, Lt. Eric Hill was pronounced dead at the hospital, and Firefighter Dawson was in critical condition, but survived.  These men gave their lives serving those around them.  

"The people who put on this badge, the people who put on that badge, they give their life to their communities. We are true servants. To my family here in Lubbock, my police department and fire department family, hearts go out to them," Lubbock Police Chief Floyd Mitchell said.

They lived their lives seeking ways to serve the citizens of Lubbock, TX and their willingness to do so is what we will focus on.  They died as a result of that choice and that will always remembered, but we also want to honor the way they lived!!  They chose to put the uniform on because they wanted to take action.  Officer Reyna had been with Lubbock PD for 1 year, Lt Hill had been a firefighter/EMT for 10 years!!! In that time they have helped and served more people than we could count in so many different ways...that is what is truly heroic! 

There are people just like Officer Reyna and Lt. Hill who will answer the call regardless of the risks in the job, because they want to make a difference.  They want to help and serve however they can...taking action on behalf of others whenever and wherever they are needed.  That dedication and willingness to sacrifice is why our goals for SRVS are 1-to increase support and respect for those serving and 2-inspire YOU to take action.  Don't just say you're grateful do something! Whether that is buying a shirt so you can wear your support and delivering a giveback shirt so someone serving has a tangible symbol of your appreciation? Or something else you? Take action...because they always will!

Live Loyal,

Ryan and Amanda