Lady rescued from burning house by police officers!

Jan 14 , 2020


Early Sunday morning a lady woke up to the smell of smoke and realized her house was on fire. She was unable to get out and called 911. Unfortunately the call footage is not available anymore.

Officer Mitchell Porter responded and knew from the 2 people who’d escaped the house and from the 911 call that she was still inside.  He started doing whatever he could to get in the house, but because of how thick the smoke was he couldn’t enter through the front door. He went around to the back and broke a window. Miraculously the lady inside could hear his call outs and used those to find her way to him. Once he grabbed her hand he was “tapped out” so other officers who’d responded were able to pull him out and get her out as well. Truly incredible to hear these officers talk about just “doing their job” not realizing what heroes they are.  

 When asked what was going through his mind during the rescue Officer Porter responder “nothing was going through my mind, I was just trying to get somebody out of that house.” When he was asked how it feels to be a hero...he gave the all credit to the other officers “I was just doing a job. I had other officers who pulled me out of the window well. If they didn’t show up and help me, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything"

These officers put their own well being aside to rescue her...and they do things like that regularly because that’s what they do and who they are.  

We are so grateful for all those who are ready to serve and help-they come at a moments notice with no thought of the impact it has on them.  Sadly most times they only hear the negative feedback, the loudest people are typically their opponents so it is extremely important that we take action in letting them know they are appreciated.  We are honored to have a visual symbol of our support... the blue line tee that we can wear and giveback shirts we can deliver to they also have a tangible reminder that people care! 

We hope you’ll join us in letting them know there is support and respect for them and the job they do!!  

Live Loyal, 

Amanda and Ryan