CRAZY Rescue!!!

Jan 29 , 2020


Holy cow this morning firefighters did some intense rescues at a big 25 story apartment building fire.  They did rooftop evacuations with a helicopter but the craziest was rescuing a man who had climbed out of a 6th story window and was climbing horizontally across the building!!! They used one of their ladder trucks to reach him.  They also used their ladders to reach other people who were trapped.  This video is like something I've only seen in tv shows and movies...I'm thinking Chicago Fire ;).  

However this is real life! They saved real lives today just like they do every day.  So grateful this video was caught so we get a glimpse of what they do shift after shift.  Firefighters were fighting this fire from the inside as well as rescuing people from the outside...think about that in the burning building there are people willing go in and make sure everyone is out safely as well as prevent it from spreading.  That smoke, the heat, the darkness, the chaos...It seems like something most of us would only experience in a nightmare.  Their courage and willingness to sacrifice for complete strangers is something we should all be so grateful for! So to all the firefighters and fire families...know we are ever appreciative of you!!! 

When she says...there was a little hesitation...can you even imagine having someone else's life literally in your hands!!! Such an amazing rescue they did today.  

We'll be sending some giveback shirts out to LAFD...will you join us? If this video doesn't show the lengths firefighters go to for other people...I don't know what will.  Deliver a giveback shirt of your own and tell us about your experience! 

Thanks and Live Loyal

Ryan and Amanda