Infect First Responders with Coronavirus???

Mar 16 , 2020


What in the world??? A Miami city commissioner actually suggested the possibility of intentionally infecting first responders with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) so they'd have immunity and could then continue helping people without risk of re-infection what in the world??

I get what he is saying that it'd be great it they had immunity since they are out on the frontlines with those needing help, but to ask a group of people who are already "taking one for the team" with no breaks and likely an increased workload seems like a total lack of respect and appreciation for them and the job they do.  

First responders have no option to work from home, their office doesn't close down ever.  In fact if things get crazy they get even busier.  And don't forget they are people with families and friends - they are worried about getting exposed and bringing that home to their families.  

SO - we want you to help show your appreciation.  Show that they are people to you, not just a group that can or should "take one for the team".  Let them know that through all they are doing YOU see them and you are grateful for them and the sacrifices they make every single shift.  

When we delivered giveback shirts last week it was amazing.  It made a difference - now it's your turn! If you've already done it that's awesome and you know the power- who else can you impact? Don't stop at one...every single time we do this is different and incredible in its own way!

Live Loyal -

Ryan & Amanda

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